Designer Handbag Care Tips

Designer Handbag Care Tips

We all adore our handbags – morale boosters, constant companions, always by our side. Their investment is justified on the premise that they will last for so many years; however, we usually don’t know the basics of handbag care. Here below, we compiled a list of some tips to ensure that you preserve your beloved bags for as long as possible.

Regular Maintenance

Avoid handling your handbags after you have applied hand lotion or something creamy to your hand, if your hands are less than clean. Once in a while empty them out, turn them upside down and gently shake to remove dust etc. Unless something different indicated, occasionally wipe down the exterior with an alcohol-free baby wipe. 

Remove Stains Right Away

Removal techniques will depend on the source of the stain. Here are some little tips:

Food stains: Let crushed white chalk sit on the stain for several hours, ideally overnight. Then wipe it away with a clean cloth.

Water spots: Blot water stains, let them dry naturally, and bring your bag to a professional to remove.

Pen marks: For fresh stains, try rubbing lightly with a white eraser but don’t use much pressure, and if it doesn’t disappear immediately or too much time has passed, see a professional. 

Odors: Store your bag with a baking soda pack inside. Zip the handbag closed, or if it doesn’t zip closed put it in a larger bag that seals. Dryer sheets and herbal sachets also works, if you leave them in for several days.

Protect the Interior

We recommend using plastic baggies or plasticized cosmetic pouches to store products like cosmetics, pens (don’t even think about throwing a click pen in your bag!), hand sanitizer or other liquids. Don’t let these items roll around free in your purse as they can stain the material. In addition, lipstick is nearly impossible to remove from fabric! 

Use Care Products

Once in a while gently rub leather with leather cream or balm with a clean white cloth, followed by a dry cotton cloth to buff.   Most shoe repair shops carry leather creams. Use a suede brush to clean and revive suede. Better still, we advise protecting your bag before an accident happens. Companies make special protectant spray products for fabric, and also for suede and nubuck. Always make sure that you read the instructions carefully to ensure that the product is right for the material. You can do a patch test on a tiny portion of the material first, to ensure there is no discoloration. 

Store Them Properly

Ideally, bags should be stored upright, in their dust bags or in a cotton pillowcase (never in plastic or a non-breathable bag, as moisture will build up). Don’t pile bags on top of one another. Ensure that the bag is stuffed to maintain its shape; use soft, dry materials like acid-free tissue paper, scarves or other fabric. Unclip and roll up any long straps and store these inside the bag.  If possible, hang handle over a hook or a wooden hanger in your closet or store upright. Most importantly, store them out of direct sunlight. 

Seek Professional Help

You know when your bag should go to maintenance! For stains, rips and tears, broken zippers or pulls, don’t be afraid to seek a professional. With a little love and effort, your handbags should continue to return the favor for years to come!


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