3 Life-Saving Tips for Luxury Handbags

Buying a luxury bag can be an emotional experience because of the excitement of the purchase or the stress of the price. Let these three tips help guide you in your search for a high-end handbag that you'll love and use for a lifetime.

Choosing a designer handbag can be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences – a big first for many of us! Investing in a piece that you will have for the rest of your life (and can hand down to your little daughter) can make you feel like a princess, inside and out. But, when the time comes to walk into store of choice and make this both fashionable and financial decision, it can be stressing and overwhelming. Let’s be honest – there is nothing worse than getting home, opening your shopping bag, and feeling like you made a quick and wrong choice (especially when most high-end designers don’t accept returns). After reading through these pointers below, developed from my personal experiences, you’ll learn how to choose "the one" for you!

1. Buy for Your Style

It is so important that you know your individual style. And in the circumstance of choosing a designer bag, you must stay true to your distinct style soul. That’s why going shopping with your friends can be dangerous for you, as its inevitable your tastes will have variance. So, choose a designer that aligns with your “brand.” Classic and Conservative? Try Chanel, Celine, and Dior. A little dark and gothic? Then these are Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga. A little bit of both? Have a look in Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. Know who you are before you start shopping. Even if it’s the designer of the moment or the bag all your friends have, eliminate the brands that don’t fit with your casual style.

2. Fun, but also Functional

While designer bags may stand out on a shelf because they are distinctive, it doesn’t mean they are practical. Choose a bag that you can wear at any point in the day – to your child’s school play AND your charitable society's dinner AND on a date night with your man. That may mean staying with a solid color or smart shape, but it does never mean it’s not special. It means you will use it and be fashionable every time!

3. Consider Your Location

Where you live can have an effect on so many parts of your wardrobe, and your new bag will be one of them. Cold-weathered locations will bring on darker, neutral colors, particularly in fall and winter. If you’re continually dealing with snow and sleet, a white or light colors just wouldn't make sense. And while black or brown may feel like a seasonal (cold weather) pick, they are both colors that can totally be worn throughout every time. So, when deciding, consider where you live and keep in mind that may place some limitations on an all-season bag.

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