How to Clean Leather Bags?

Bags, which have been one of the essential accessories for men and especially for women in recent years, are also necessary accessories for their style. The place of bags, which is the unique product that completes an outfit, is significant for fashion icons. Genuine leather bags, primarily made of leather, impress with the grace and elegance they add to their users. 


To preserve the shine and attractiveness of leather bags, care and cleaning should do maintenance and clean carefully. Leather bags that are not adequately maintained and cleaned will lose their brightness and beauty after a certain period. To preserve the life, shine, and elegance of your leather bags, you need to do their cleaning without interruption. 


To clean leather bags, you can use a clean cloth wrung out after soaking in warm soapy water and a soft dry cloth. After cleaning the outer surfaces of your leather bag with a wet cloth, dry the surfaces you wiped with a dry cloth. To preserve the natural appearance, flexibility, color, and form of your leather bag, you can apply unique leather care products to it at regular intervals. In this way, you can extend the life of your leather bag and use it for many years. 


Leather Bag Care Tips 

If you want to care for your leather bag, you can easily use Vaseline for this job. Apply Vaseline on your bag and rub the surface of the pack with a clean cloth. This process will make your bag both clean and shine. Repeat this process once a month. You can do the same with a quality moisturizing cream used as a hand-body cream instead of Vaseline. Should never use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners. To minimize staining, should wipe the leather as soon as anything spills. 


If your leather bag gets wet, dry it with a dry and soft cotton cloth using the push and pull technique, and then let it dry for a while at room temperature. Do not put your bag too close to heaters that emit excessive heat, such as radiators, electric stoves, coal stoves. Extreme heat dries the leather, which causes cracks, breaks, and breaks. 


If there are water or mud stains on your leather bag, hold the stained areas under the steam of the hot water you poured into a basin for 5-10 seconds, and after it dries, apply some Vaseline or hand cream to the surfaces with a cotton ball. 

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