5 Essentials You Always Need In Your Bag Organizer

5 Essentials You Always Need In Your Bag Organizer

We all have those long days in which we need to carry all of our need inside our bag. Sometimes, when bursting out of home in a rush, we might leave behind those things we will need the most in a busy day. And let's admit, we all experienced the burden of loads of unnecessary stuff filled in our handbags just because we disorganize our stuff.
Most efficient way to avoid carrying a handbag which weights like a bowling ball is to determine the essential items we will need during a day. Once we’re done with this step, we can easily organize our purse with a bag organizer insert and place the items in a way that we will be able to easily reach them. Let’s look at some of the items which you definitely need to keep in your purse.

Hand Sanitizers

Today’s circumstances requires for all of us to keep our hands and frequently used items (phone,wallet,etc.)  disinfected. That being the case, hand sanitizer becomes a most wanted item for every single person in order to be safe. Though, you might have a hard time remembering in which purse you put your sanitizer for every single time you’re about to leave home so it might be a better solution for you to place a spare bottle to your bag organizer. Keeping a spare bottle will make sure that you never forget the sanitizer and will be safe at all time.

Hair Elastics

Most definitely there are times when you suddenly get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Those times are the times when every tiny detail annoys you, and you just want to tie  your hair up and relax for a moment. Of course, you will need a hair elastic to do so.  You should place couple of your elastics into your bag organizer so that it will be much easier to spot them.

A Snack To Keep You Going

Well, you know why you’ll need a snack in the middle of the day so we don’t need to explain further here. Just don’t forget to put a little snack in your bag organizer and you’re good to go.


You had a moment of free time and you want to listen to your favorite song that has been playing in your head all day. Of course you wouldn’t want to spend that time tidying up your headphones. But let’s face it, we almost always have to do so. What you should do here is that you should place your headphones inside the bag organizer insert of your purse and in that way, your headphones will be separate from other items which will cause a mix up.

A Spare Tampon or a Pad

You never know when you’ll have it. Keeping a spare tampon or a pad inside your bag organizer will always be a life saver for you. You can place a couple of tampons inside your bag organizer and every time you change bags, your tampons will too be transfered with your bag organizer.

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