How To Keep Your Luxury Bags Long-Lasting?

How To Keep Your Luxury Bags Long-Lasting?

We all enjoy and cherish carrying a unique, designer bag that will perfectly complete our look.   Carrying a chic bag is always a pleasure but when it comes to maintenance, we usually have limited information on how to do so. Whereas, it becomes a vital issue when it comes to applying the right treatment to the right bag if you seek for its durability.  As Joyinbag, we care for your delicate, precious bags when taking the initiative to design custom bag organizers and pillows that would protect the interior area of your bags, and we wanted to make clear the key points of caring your luxury bags for you.

Here are what you need to know:

  • Where to store your luxury bags?

The first aspect of keeping the original form of your deary luxury bag is to store it correctly. You should never arbitrarily put away your luxury bags when you’re done with using them but rather, you should reserve a drawer, or a section of your vestry, that would only be used for the storage of your luxury bags. Once you reserve a space, you should carefully align your bags. If you’re suffering from lack of space and are not able to store them upright, you can gently lay your luxury bags. Things you should most definitely avoid: putting your bags in a pile or placing heavy weighted items on top of your luxury bags to avoid deformation of leather.

  • Use that dust bag

luxury bag

Your luxury bag must have had a dust bag back when you first bought it. The idea of putting your most precious accessories in simple, lousy bags might seem unappealing to you but those bags really do make a difference. We know, displaying your luxury bags and taking a glance at them every once in a while is your guilty pleasure, but that is not the best treatment to your bags. Use should store your luxury bags in the dust bags that come within in order to make them long-lasting. We assure you, those covers are an essential for your bags.

  • Keep your luxury bags away from moist

Another things come with you luxury bags are those tiny cloth packets that are placed into the bottom of your bag. Those little packets may look like a redundant but they constitute the primal step to the care of your luxury bags. The packets are filled with silica gel and they absorb the excessive moisture inside your bag, thus they prevent the mould growth in your luxury bag. Now that you know the vitality of these packets, you can place one for each of your luxury bags that sit in your closet.

  • Use bag organizers for best result

What you put in your luxury bags matter, and more importantly, how you put them even matters more. Most definitely, you should avoid putting sharp items inside your bags since they would harm the interior lining. The best way to keep your things tidy and safe inside your luxury bags is to use a bag organizer insert.

 Joyinbag bag organizer prevents the items from moving around in your handbag, protecting it from any possible damage. Our bag organizers are specially designed for you to use the empty space in your handbag in the most efficient way; therefore it does not block the already existing pockets of the purse. They are the best way to both protect the original form of your luxury bag, while keeping your stuff within your arm’s reach.


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